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June 9, 2017

You deserve a promotion

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:09 am

Nothing for today, just wanted to dedicate this particular post to #1 daughter who had her promotion ceremony yesterday at Ruby Bridges.  I won’t lie, I totally cried a bit when the music played and they walked into the multi-purpose room.

It was an amazing, my parents were there and later remarked that Ruby Bridges’s class of 2017 looked exactly like a microcosm of the United States.  And it does, Ruby Bridges is a near perfect mix of all races and ethnic backgrounds.  We have immigrants from Africa, Asia, and Europe.  Mixed race kids.  First generation kids.

It was beautiful.



  1. Congrats!

    Comment by MP — June 9, 2017 @ 7:25 am

  2. Hard not to tear up at these milestone events, isn’t it? One of my husband’s adult literacy students got her citizenship yesterday at a ceremony at the Paramount in Oakland. People from 91 countries were receiving their citizenship and the representatives of each country were asked to stand when their country name was called. I was in tears from then all the way through the oath and the speaker. However, Mr. Trump, unlike the other presidents, did not send a video of welcome to the new Americans, which was sad. Congratulations on the graduation!

    Comment by Kate Quick — June 9, 2017 @ 3:26 pm

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