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May 4, 2017

Money for transportation, checks for streets

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It’s older news but I wanted to highlight that Alameda is in line for some grant money for much needed transportation projects in the City (and to benefit from project outside our borders as well).

From the City’s press release here are the funded projects.  The exciting bit is that the Central Avenue improvements are fully funded.

– Seaplane Lagoon Ferry Terminal – $8.2 million in Fiscal Year (FY) 2019-20 for construction
– Central Avenue Safety Improvement Project (Main Street/Pacific Avenue to Sherman Street/Encinal Avenue) – $3.5 million in FY 2019-20 for construction so that between the two grants, which total $10.8 million, it is a fully funded project
– Clement Avenue Safety Improvement Project (Broadway to Grand Street) – $5 million in FY 2017-19 for environmental/design and FY 2019-20 for construction
– Clement Avenue East Extension and Tilden Way including Right-of-Way Purchase from Union Pacific – $8.4 million in FY 2017-19 for planning/environmental/design/ROW and FY 2019-20 for construction
– Appezzato Parkway Dedicated Bus Lanes – $9 million in FY 2017-19 for planning/environmental/design and FY 2019-20 for construction
– Citywide Street Resurfacing: Pavement Management – $827,000 in FY 2019-20 for construction

I’m not quite sure what is planned for the Clement Avenue East Extension, but there’s a cool $8.4 million for whatever that will end up becoming.

Some other non Alameda specific projects but should benefit Alameda are:

– San Francisco Bay Trail: Doolittle Drive (East Bay Regional Parks District) – $2.8 million
– Alameda County Safe Routes to School Program (Alameda CTC) – $10.1 million
– I-880/23rd-29th Avenue Interchange Improvements (Alameda CTC) – $3 million
– Fruitvale Ave Gap Closure (City of Oakland) – $1.6 million
– I-880/42nd-High Street Access Improvements (City of Oakland) – $10 million


  1. Recommendation to Approve the Draft Project List for the Alameda County Transportation Commission Call for Projects. (Transportation 287)

    From :

    “Clement Avenue East Extension to Tilden Way and Right-of-Way Acquisition, including Tilden Way Improvements between Broadway and the Miller-Sweeney Bridge. This project extends Clement Avenue east towards Tilden Way to help achieve the ultimate goal of Clement Avenue as a future truck route to Sherman Street and as the continuous Cross Alameda Trail between Tilden Way and Alameda Point. The project includes the purchase of Union Pacific property at Broadway to extend Clement Avenue east to Tilden Way as well as the purchase of Union Pacific property on the northwest side of Tilden Way between Clement Avenue and the Miller Sweeney Bridge and then to fund complete street improvements in the newly acquired property. The right-of-way purchase from Union Pacific is estimated at $1.24 million according to a 2015 appraisal; placeholder costs for outreach, design and construction total $6.26 million with a total estimated project cost at $7.5 million…”

    Sounds worthwhile to me especially in conjunction with the Clement Avenue Safety Improvement Project.

    Comment by Alex — May 4, 2017 @ 5:29 pm

    • I didn’t realize there was a plan to extend Clement for vehicle traffic. I thought it was just for Cross Alameda Trail. Adding an intersection for Clement on Tilden will make for a real crowded stretch there. It will be interesting to see what the design is. On the plus side, redesigning the Blanding/Fernside/Tilden intersection can’t come soon enough.

      Comment by BMac — May 4, 2017 @ 9:43 pm

      • I had brought this up a year or two ago to Gail Payne at a community meeting regarding the Clement Avenue Complete Street project. Done properly, it will improve the current disaster intersection at Clement/Broadway. A stoplight there would help immensely.

        Comment by Alex — May 5, 2017 @ 11:36 am

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