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April 11, 2017

I got mine

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:01 am

Not that surprising and probably won’t change anyone’s position on building housing but a recent poll shows that younger people are more supportive of building housing than older people.   From the San Francisco Business Journal:

Seventy percent of millennials were in favor of building more housing in their own neighborhood, while only 57 percent of residents age 40 to 64 supported additional homes near them.

Also not surprising but newer residents were also more supportive as well:

Newer residents were also more in favor of housing in the Bay Area, with 76 percent of residents who have lived in the region for five years or less supporting housing. Only 55 percent of those living in the region for 20 years or more supported new nearby housing.

However there have been slight upticks in support in housing construction:

Overall support for new housing rose to 62 percent of respondents, up from 56 percent in the previous year. Older homeowners are realizing that more density is needed as their children and friends struggle to find their own housing, said Laura Clark, executive director of YIMBY Action (“Yes in my backyard”), a pro-housing group.

“We have to continue to build a lot of housing,” said Clark. “Older people are starting to pick up on that. Many of them have their kids living in their basement.”

This data goes hand in hand with reports that younger people are looking to leave the region altogether because of the lack of housing affordability.  At some point when folks concerned about their views and extra seconds of delay realize that their kids, friends, or family can no longer afford to live in the Bay Area perhaps we’ll see a sea change where the majority is actively encouraging more building, more densely to accommodate all ranges of income levels, but until then we’ll continue to hear stories of exodus from young people or shortages of folks in professions like teaching where the pay will never be commensurate with the rise in housing costs at the rate that we are supplying housing units.


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