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December 7, 2016

Past the deadline

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:07 am

Yesterday I wrote about the  “Special Meeting” to push through Trish Spencer’s nomination to the Social Services Human Relations Board.

Given the sheer number of nominations, I decided to ask the City Clerk for the applications for the folks interested in sitting on the SSHRB.  Before I post that, I just want to point out that when the notice of vacancy was published people were encouraged to apply by December 1:


The majority of applicants submitted their paperwork before that deadline.  However, some did not and some even submitted their paperwork on the day that the Special Meeting was scheduled for:


I guess it helps to have special dispensation when you provide materials for the Mayor for her Council Referrals.

But this Alamedan wasn’t the only one to turn in her application after the suggested December 1 deadline:



After a deluge of comments and emails from folks complaining about the lack of consistency in the nominating process, for example a significant number of applicants had not received interviews even though Trish Spencer — in previous nominations for other boards — had interviewed all candidates.   Trish Spencer ended up nominating Sherice Youngblood who submitted her application well after the item was placed on the agenda for the “Special meeting.”


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