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October 10, 2016

The buddy you need

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Not much for today, kids are out of school so some of you may have the day off.

However on Saturday I did spot a bumper sticker at South Shore that read:

We need a Mayor, not a buddy.

I failed to take a photo, I’m sorry.

Some quick internet searches show that this bumper sticker, while relevant to Alameda and probably any city where people are voting for their Mayor because that person is friendly, personable, and is a whole lot of fun socially, is actually in reference to a Mayor in Rhode Island.  A Mayor that despite all his failings ranks high, well, let me let the article describe it:

And his would-you-want-to-have-a-beer-with-him? rating is off the charts. In fact, Providence is so small and Cianci is so ubiquitous that people actually have had that proverbial drink with him. And they’ll never forget it.

Anyway, tomorrow night Spin Pizza is generously hosting a Dine and Donate for Ruby Bridges 5th Grade Science Camp from 5:30 – 8:00 p.m.   15% of the proceeds will go to Ruby Bridges 5th Grade Science Camp fund.  As I alluded to in a comment, there’s a huge fundraising hill to climb for this annual event.  While some folks out there have clearly been wringing their hands over my lack of attendance at actual meetings as though breathing the same stuffy air as City Council members gives a different experience than watching it on video, I find that what little free time I have is better spent giving back to my neighborhood school.

Also, Ruby Bridges Annual Fun A Thon is this Saturday.  There are volunteer opportunities still available, it is, as sold, a lot of fun for the kids and one of our larger fundraising events for the PTA as a whole.


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