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October 6, 2016

You know my name

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:06 am

Tony Daysog is in full pander mode right now.  He doesn’t really have the support of the Save our City crowd/Green Party, although I’m sure they would rather have him than some of the other options, but they’re urging people to only vote for Jennifer Roloff and have this super puzzling photo on their website of her that looks like it was pulled from someone’s photo stream because she looked nice in the photo:


Anyway, his own mom n’ pop ballot measure/publicity stunt sort of fell by the way side so now he’s looking for anything to attach his name to positively to get some huge crowd of folks to support him.  Clearly he has largely lost the renter population.  Some seniors are kind of upset at his lack of consistency as well.

On Tuesday night he attempted to shore up the animal lovers vote by throwing his being into the Animal Shelter issue even though staff had stated they were unprepared to examine the alternatives that night.

Now it appears that he will be jockeying for the Filipino vote against Malia Vella through a super obvious pandering attempt to carve out a street name for a prominent Filipino Alamedan.   Tony Daysog has called for review the street names for the Site A project.  FYI, I have created a consolidated Call for Review page over there to capture all the Calls for Review that have been made since Trish Spencer started her Mayoral term.

Anyway, Tony Daysog wants to Call for Review the Site A street names that are all military based by the way and shoehorn in this one for a Filipino Realtors.  Because it totally makes sense.  Because, you know, Tony Daysog needs to get elected everyone.  Because Fortuna Avenue/Way/Lane/Street will fit in with these selected names:

The selected names complement the names of the other streets at Alameda Point that honor former navy vessels such as: West Hornet Avenue, Lexington Street, and Saratoga Street. The proposed names include:

• Coronado Avenue
• Marilyn York Way
• Firebirds Street
• Buckthorn Street
• Ardent Way
• Corsair Street, and
• Skylark Street

Let me just point out that had Tony Daysog REALLY wanted to make sure that this person was honored he could have offered the name two years ago when he was sitting on the City Council and the street naming policy was being revisited and names were being added on to the list.  Or he could have weighed in in 2007, granted he wasn’t on the City Council having termed out in 2006, but still, if it were so important Tony Daysog missed two ripe opportunities to see that this person was recognized.  But instead of doing it in 2007 or 2014 he decided that the time was right just before he was running for re-election.  How convenient.

I can’t wait to see what other groups Tony Daysog decides to pander to, it should be fascinating to see.



  1. Advocate: when a politician one supports speaks to a group

    Pander: when a politician one does not support speaks to a group

    Comment by Ambrose Bierce — October 6, 2016 @ 7:14 am

    • Advocate: when a politician regularly and consistently supports a group and their efforts over an extended period of time and, more importantly, not just during an election or re-election campaign.

      Pander: when a politician is politically inconsistent (see Senior Facility vs. Hotel) or passes up previous opportunities to do something meaningful; waiting until an election or re-election campaign.

      Comment by Lauren Do — October 6, 2016 @ 7:18 am

  2. Interesting. What does it mean when candidate says “neutral” re a ballot measure?

    Comment by MP — October 6, 2016 @ 7:35 am

    • Bonta-itis. An affliction which drives politicians to claim neutrality on an issue even when their true position is widely known

      Comment by Ambrose Bierce — October 6, 2016 @ 8:10 am

      • …Or when politicians are clearly on a “slate”, but act in mock surprise when asked if they are tied to such group.

        Comment by CD — October 6, 2016 @ 2:59 pm

  3. Politician: a person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other narrow usually short-sighted reasons (that’s why there’s three “I”s in politician)

    Comment by jack — October 6, 2016 @ 9:42 am

  4. An attack on a candidate’s personal appearance? The Trump effect appears to be everywhere these days. Unless I haven’t been paying attention, that’s a new low.

    Comment by Denise Shelton — October 6, 2016 @ 3:16 pm

    • Saying someone looks nice in a photo is an attack on their personal appearance? Are you serious?

      Comment by Lauren Do — October 6, 2016 @ 3:53 pm

      • Lauren you’re a cyber bully. If only you have something in your life to wake up for daily besides this stupidity. I can only imagine what assholes your daughters are .

        Comment by Master fucking blaster — October 8, 2016 @ 12:26 pm

    • “…because she looked nice in the photo”

      Is this what you are referring to? In what Universe would this be considered an attack on anyone’s personal appearance?

      If Roloff wins, are we all going to have to listen to the same “bullying” bullshit that Spencer’s fan club claimed she was subject to? If so, please kill me now.

      For the low-awareness crowd – it’s a goofy photo because she seems to be standing in a random department store somewhere. Not what you would typically circulate as a campaign shot.

      P.S.: Rational people would more accurately attribute the “Trump effect” to all the anti-renter, pro-landlord sentiments floating around Alameda these days, of which I seem to remember you being a strong proponent.

      Comment by brock — October 6, 2016 @ 3:53 pm

    • It isn’t her physical appearance that is noteworthy in the photo. If Tony Daysog had taken a photo in front of a clothes rack at Neiman Marcus for use in a political endorsement document, people would have an equally WTF? reaction.

      Comment by BMac — October 6, 2016 @ 3:56 pm

    • Not the first time:

      The online version has probably the most unflattering photo of Trish Spencer that I have ever seen.

      Comment by dave — October 6, 2016 @ 4:24 pm

      • Because, as I noted in that same link: “Generally she is fairly photogenic, but this particular photographer managed to capture Trish Spencer at her least finest in both the magazine edition and the on line article.”

        Comment by Lauren Do — October 6, 2016 @ 4:27 pm

        • Photo quality completely irrelevant. You only noted either one to make a snide comment about appearances.

          Comment by dave — October 6, 2016 @ 4:43 pm

        • Nah, I noted it to point out that the Alameda Magazine had hundreds of photos to choose from but selected two unflattering ones which helped frame their overall narrative about Trish Spencer.

          Comment by Lauren Do — October 6, 2016 @ 4:47 pm

        • And you chose to copy and post Trish at her least photogenic.

          Comment by jack — October 6, 2016 @ 6:34 pm

        • Great way to frame a narrative. And all along I thought they were just reporting a story.

          Comment by MP — October 6, 2016 @ 11:04 pm

  5. Women attacking women…

    Comment by Captain Obvious — October 7, 2016 @ 6:12 am

    • As a woman, I call for Blogging Bayport Alameda to stop this Insane War on Women. Lauren, you have to stop letting your hormones run your brain!

      Comment by vigi — October 7, 2016 @ 10:34 am

      • I’m gonna take this statement as being the height of ironic humor. To read it at face value would be too depressing in its blatant lack of self awareness.

        Comment by Lauren Do — October 7, 2016 @ 11:41 am

  6. In what universe? This one. When someone says, “You look nice,” they’re talking about your appearance not your character. I can see that in this case you meant she looked like a nice person. So I apologize. You might want to apologize for your response to an honest mistake based on an ambiguous statement.

    Comment by Denise Shelton — October 7, 2016 @ 11:15 am

  7. Lauren, you posted a link marked Save Our City Crowd/Green Party. I know the Green Party connection, but saw no overt evidence at the site. Also the whole Save Our City thing is rather amorphous. Who are they ? That is partially rhetorical question because I think I know the answer, but had to ask. Of the various links on the home page “Alameda Inner Ring” was a blatant black list. At least they are up front but can you imagine the League of Women Voters or Alameda Democratic Club sporting a black list on their web site? It’s going to take a while to adjust to an up front black list proudly posted complete with snarky language “Frank Matarrese – City councilmember. Backtracked on campaign platform, observed palling around with DelBono and Oddie.”. Hey guys, not just a black list, but you’re being watched too ! Also, “Lauren Do – plays the house organ for the inner ring via her caustic blog.”

    Some anonymous commenter made light of my associating Roloff as the daughter of Green Queen Gretchen Lipow, but didn’t say that was incorrect. The same commenter posted a link to her dad’s presidential campaign, as a lame attempt to dilute impact of Roloff’s ill advised answer to BLM question at Demo Club. I may be wrong, but I’m hearing a heavy dose of mom’s snark in the drafting of SOC/Alameda. The bullet vote is interesting and also the Green Party I was part of would never have urged no on M1. The current City of Alameda Green web site has links to three local sites, which includes Blogging Bayport so who knows when the last time there was a real Green constituency in Alameda.. However the COUNTY voter guide has SOC/Alameda’s finger prints all over it, urging a vote for Roloff only and NOT to vote for Ashcraft or Vella.

    Comment by MI — October 7, 2016 @ 11:23 am

    • I think that the endorsement of Jennifer Roloff only is sort of a tip of the hand. Given Tony Daysog’s has pretty much followed Trish Spencer’s lead on everything, folks like the SOCA crowd should be endorsing Tony Daysog too, but have elected to only support one candidate.

      Comment by Lauren Do — October 7, 2016 @ 11:50 am

    • I think Save Our City is one sad little man. Look at the “About” section for a voyage in narcissism. “[X]’s highly effective communications style leaves his adversaries with little option to run from the issue and resort instead to ad hominem attacks.” At least Trump claims that other people tell him he’s successful, has a great temperament, etc.

      Comment by BC — October 7, 2016 @ 2:30 pm

      • “Voyage in Narcissism” should be the name of a band if it isn’t already.

        Comment by Lauren Do — October 7, 2016 @ 4:30 pm

  8. To clarify, when you said it was “super puxzling” that she looked nice, it sounded to me like you were implying that she doesn’t really look nice and that’s why you were puzzled. PS, I’m not endorsing any of these candidates. It does seem a little silly to knock Daysog for acting like a politician, though. When the ones you like do, you give them carte blanche. Ron Bonus (uh, Bonta) and Lena Tam spring to mind. Of course as you have pointed out many times, you’re under no obligation to be either open-minded or fair. PS, you were right about Trish. She’s an inept mayor.

    Comment by Denise Shelton — October 7, 2016 @ 11:38 am

    • What was super puzzling was the selection of someone mid-shopping as opposed to all the perfectly composed campaign photos on Jennifer Roloff’s website. That’s why it read “this super puzzling photo on their website of her that looks like it was pulled from someone’s photo stream.”

      If I was talking about her appearance I would have written something like, “guurrrlllll, that cardigan!” PS, before someone get their panties in a bunch about that, there’s nothing wrong with the cardigan.

      Comment by Lauren Do — October 7, 2016 @ 11:46 am

    • Denise, there are politicians and politicians. Tony is a gross panderer. Lena was imperfect but mostly fair and well meaning. On the one hand she went along with the gang to get endorsements, but IMHO was trying to be her own person and maybe that’s how she ended up on the outside. I think she is very dedicated to the concept of public service. I’ve been friendly with most of them at some point, but I would call Lena a friend and feel loyalty. She is earnest, even when she was involved in that b.c.c. problem. She’s had lapses, but we are all human. It’s been over a year since I’ve spoken to her but if she needed something I’d be there in a minute.

      Comment by MI — October 7, 2016 @ 12:48 pm

  9. In 2010, Tony Daysog promised Alamedans that he was a “new man” who would make better, wiser, and bolder decisions. What a pile of compost that was!

    I respect Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft’s ability, independence, and courage: she is willing to stand up for what she believes is right and does her homework every time. I may not agree with her on every vote but she is the most grown-up official on our City Council dais these days.

    We need someone who is less self-serving, more decisive, and less hot air than Tony Daysog. ASAP. It is bad enough that our mayor seems bent on destroying common sense and our community’s good name.

    I will be voting for Malia Vella and Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft.

    Comment by Jon Spangler — October 17, 2016 @ 7:44 am

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