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June 30, 2016

Red flags were warning me

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Even though there is no agreement between the teachers’ union and the District there is an agreement with the other bargaining unit for AUSD, CSEA.

Earlier last week the School District put out this press release regarding the tentative agreement:

Alameda, Calif. — June 21, 2016 — Negotiators for the Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) and the California School Employees Association Chapter 27 (CSEA 27) reached a tentative agreement yesterday (June 20) in their re-opener negotiations over salary and other contract considerations.

CSEA 27 (which represents office/technical workers and paraprofessionals) and AUSD signed a three-year contract in June 2015. That contract gave CSEA 27 the right to “re-open” salary discussions yearly for the duration of the contract. Yesterday’s TA provides for a 3.11% salary increase to all CSEA 27 members.

“We thank our CSEA partners for working with us to come to this agreement,” said Superintendent Sean McPhetridge. “I look forward to another year of collaboration and mutual support in 2016-17, and I am grateful we all continue in our work together to serve the Alameda community.”

The two teams came to agreement in two meetings. The next step is for CSEA 27 members and AUSD’s Board of Education to vote on whether to ratify the agreement.

“We were happy with the collaborative tone with both teams at the negotiation table,” said Karen Keegan, president of CSEA 27. “Our team is pleased that our members will be receiving a salary increase this coming school year, pending approval from our members and the Board of Education.”

Said Solana Henneberry, president of the AUSD Board of Education, “As a Board, we are charged with ensuring that our schools are excellent in every way. We are very thankful that CSEA 27 and AUSD were able to collaborate on this tentative agreement, and we appreciate the great service that these employees provide students, families, and our community.”

At least this is one union group that the District is not in conflict with and hopefully the news that the CLCS portable issue may actually come to a happy resolution is good news for the School District.

Given that the school district is moving forward with the renewal parcel tax measure it’s really important that there are no huge red flags that would give voters a reason to vote against renewing the parcel tax.

Of course the one big outstanding issue is the contract between the District and the teachers.  This happens to be a pretty short summer so there won’t be a ton of time to waste before the campaign kicks off.

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