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September 29, 2015

Enterprise surprise

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It looks like the City won’t be going through the RFP process again to dispose/develop Site B this time around.  Probably because it didn’t get that great of proposals the last time around.   For those that don’t immediately know where Site B is, it’s here:

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 3.19.13 PM

This is where, if memory serves, the City has envisioned some sort of large scale campus user.   Of course the success of Site B really hinges on how successful Site A is perceived to be.  While some folks think that if the City just announced that it is opening its arms for a large scale business with lots of jobs to come in that it will come, there’s a reason why despite Alameda’s proximity to San Francisco and Oakland that all those large tech companies have not been lured by Alameda’s willingness to play host.  Because there’s no there, there.  The talent that the tech companies are attempting to lure are not interested in huge empty buildings among homes and beaches.  So, if Site A is successful in creating a “there” that will dictate the types of companies that might be interested in Alameda Point’s Site B at that point.

Even maker companies that are struggling to compete for space in San Francisco — and would fit in really well at Alameda Point — haven’t necessarily been knocking on the door to come in, opting to stay in San Francisco.

Anyway this is how the City is proposing to move forward:

•  Awareness Phase.  This phase would occur immediately and focus on raising awareness of the Enterprise District opportunity, including developing a marketing brochure, refreshing and re-launching a marketing and outreach campaign with a focus on the commercial brokerage community, and identifying initial corporate or institutional users that may be an appropriate fit for the Enterprise District.  This phase would correspond to the Pre-Infrastructure Phase of the Site A development.

•  Connection Phase. Once the City transfers ownership of the first phase of the Site A project to the Site A developer and the developer commences construction on infrastructure, the second phase of the Enterprise District development strategy would commence: the Connection Phase.  This phase would take advantage of “the buzz” and any media coverage of the Site A ground-breaking to intensify its marketing efforts by creating an Enterprise District Newsletter, providing streaming video of the Site A construction process, hosting a targeted broker event, creating a social media campaign, expanding its contact list to include more end users and developers, and enhancing the connections made with potential leads through personal visits, direct mail, phone canvassing and email.

• Delivery Phase. Once key Site A infrastructure improvements are near completion and there is much greater certainty about the timing of delivering land that can be developed for a commercial use, outreach will intensify, highlighting the expedited delivery of this development opportunity and focusing on executing a transaction with a corporate user.  Again, this phase will kick-off with an on-site celebration of infrastructure completion, including possibly a BBQ for tenants and prospective users and developers.  Other marketing efforts will include expanding the target list to smaller developers and owner/users, intensifying the social media and public relations campaign, and continuing the personal visits, direct mail, phone canvassing and emails with potential users, developers, and brokers

This strategy of tying Site B to Site A is probably the best way to move forward with this project if Alameda is seeking to get that elusive whale of a business to relocate to Alameda Point.  The ironic thing about the “Enterprise” District is that staff has pretty much resigned itself to the fact that it won’t be that “enterprising” on its own, but rather relying on the traditional retail and housing development of Site A to make it appealing in the future.


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  1. I image Ms. Spenser, will push for this as nothing started really has her name on it and her ego probably won’t be able to let that go. She may just be a 1 term mayor with other people vision passed through. So far she is sort of a lame duck mayor who just stirs the pot. The city is in a better place but that just has to do with outside economics…but what has she really done except show up for a few parties and piss people off?

    Comment by joelsf — September 29, 2015 @ 9:58 am

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