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August 12, 2014

Interim, appeal, and towers

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Tonight, the School Board has some (possibly) controversial agenda items.   First is the contract for the interim Superintendent.   If I remember correctly there was some happiness expressed over at a certain Facebook page when he left his assistant Superintendent job but am too lazy to go back and try to find it.   Given Sean McPhetridge’s credentials and history with AUSD, it should be an easy gimme vote.   But nothing is ever easy or simple when it comes to this particular School Board, however what is clear is that Alameda USD needs someone to drive the ship in a capacity more than just as “acting.”

The second contentious issue will be something that is actually on the closed session agenda is that of the decision to move a teacher “involuntarily.”   It says “teacher appeal” on the closed session, but the Facebook page in support of Brian Rodriguez has asked his supporters to come out and speak at tonight’s school board meeting.  According to folks at ASTI, students have already been assigned Brian Rodriguez as a teacher so I’m not sure if the School Board will reverse the decision that has already been made.

And finally, there is some action on the cell phone towers at some schools sites.  I’ve not really been actively following this particular issue, probably because it doesn’t affect the school site my kids are at.  I’m a bit agnostic to the whole thing, bottom line is the cell tower will be removed (probably) and my only comment is that if you are cheering the cell phone towers going down, the next time you can’t get a signal on your cell phone, maybe cut the phone companies some slack.   Just saying.

In non School related news, Pho Anh Dao and Bucket o’ Crawfish have finally opened up on Webster Street (near Atlantic).   So I thought that it would be a hybrid restaurant where you could order crawfish and pho to the same table.  Turns out, not so much.  It’s two restaurants in the same space.  You go into common “lobby” area and one way is Bucket o’Crawfish and the other way is Pho Anh Dao.   We went to Pho Anh Dao which was pretty good.   The menu isn’t fully blown out, there are no clay pot options yet, those options were covered with washi tape and it took me a while to figure out what was going on.   The pho is sort of meh, but it might just be grand opening kinks.  It’s clean though and that always bodes well.  Excellent chicken wings and the bun thit nuong (noodles with grilled pork) is solid.  Bucket o’ Crawfish was way busier though and looks like they have bibs for people to wear which is kinda cute.



  1. I’m agnostic on the cell phone tower issue except that it would be a shame if AUSD got sued by the telecoms for breach of contract. Also, I sure hope the parents who are complaining about the cell phone towers don’t let their little ones use cell phones. There’s WAY more evidence that cell phone use is harmful than evidence that the towers cause harm.

    Comment by Oh the Irony! — August 12, 2014 @ 10:59 am

  2. The American Cancer Society says there is very little evidence that cell towers cause cancer:

    Comment by ajryan — August 12, 2014 @ 12:06 pm

  3. I am a long time neighbor of a school with a tower and am aware that some parents are pretty upset that the cell phone equipment is there, and believe it causes cancer and any number of other things. From what I have read most of these anxieties fit into the same mold as the “don’t let your kid get inoculated because it will give them autism” which has been de-bunked but is still a popular belief among many parents. Of greater concern is the kids wearing very loud earphones, staring at electronic screens all day, not being able to read or write cursive because they just type, and not being able to spell because they are using texting shorthand. Plus, many parents insist that their kids have cell phones so that they can be in contact with the parents 24/7 and these cell phones are often carried next to the kid’s body. Since we are right next to the devil tower and have not experienced any ill effects, nor have others in the neighborhood, I think the worries about the safety of the children may be being overstated. I’d like to hear some empirical evidence that the presence of cell phone towers cause cancer and other diseases. The Cancer Society says not, and they are a pretty trusted organization.

    Comment by Kate Quick — August 12, 2014 @ 3:17 pm

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