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June 2, 2014

Sales away

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Also on Tuesday’s City Council agenda there is the much anticipated quarterly sales tax report.  Why is this one anticipated?  Well because this is the quarter that has the first impressions for the Target store as it covers October 2013 through December which is Target’s opening through the holiday season which is typically the most lucrative time for retailers.

There is some good news and some bad news.   Let’s go through the good news.  Collectively among all areas sales tax revenue was up 2% from last year around the same time.   That’s awesome.

South Shore Center brought in the lion’s share of the tax revenue despite periodic complaints from folks that it’s a ghost town and that all the store fronts are empty.   Apparently they are doing something right between the children’s clothing, grocery, and discount stores.   South Shore also saw a 6% increase in sales taxes compared to the same period the year before.

Other good news includes the fact that Marina Village Shopping Center aka where Luckys is did not see a dip after the opening of Target, in fact the Shopping Center did 1% better than the same time the year before.

Here’s the bad news, according to this the area that Target is filed under did not do as well as I’m sure the City would have liked given this concentration on making sales tax generation happen.   “Webster — North of Lincoln” saw a -5% growth from the same time the year before which means it collected nearly $6000 less than the year before.  According to the staff report this was due to a “temporary decrease in gas prices during the quarter.”

According to gas buddy there was a huge spike in gas prices starting at the end of September 2012 which took a nose dive by December 2012.



I suppose that could be the answer except for the fact that overall the staff report saw a 1% positive increase in “Gas & Transportation” for this year’s numbers as compared to the previous year.

Anyway, given the lack of decline at the Marina Village Shopping Center and the decline in the Webster North of Lincoln area it appears that Target’s biggest victim might have been the Walgreens at the corner of Webster across from the Starbucks.

Here’s the full chart:



FYI, the “All Other Areas” huge percentage change was a result of “one-time negative sales tax adjustments in the prior year.”



  1. I do shop and support the small local retail stores , which by the way are the one who save the remaining of US economy during the recession , not the shopping center , something no one will admit , in addition when you swipe the credit card at their store , the money stay local and within the the State , this mean it is available for the community , that would be schools , fund available for everyone parks, Police Fire dept .
    When you swipe it at one of these mega stores the fund are out of State within a second , they mostly sell merchandise made out of the country and take the funds out of State , they did not contribute at any job creation they are just suckers ,
    By doing so they also render the entire Country much more vulnerable to any economic fluctuation .
    Oh yes with all the money they suck the consumer they can afford fancy Indy race car and the like .
    Want to contribute to California economy shop California .
    You can sing all you want , all are basic basic economic facts
    There is a life outside of TAXATION .

    Comment by Joel Rambaud — June 2, 2014 @ 9:34 am

  2. Speaking of local shopping and Webster St., we west enders have a new and wonderful market to shop at. Al Jazeera Market, located right across from city bank, has delicious halal meat. They have a talented butcher who spices ground lamb into kufteh kebabs which you can cook yourself. He also has spiced chicken kebabs. I have been buying small tasty chickens from the market and frying and roasting them. You can pick up all the ingredients for chicken curry right there. The owner is a kind and gracious man. The owner’s son went to school here in Alameda and is a young man to be proud of. I urge everyone to stop in and check out all the middle eastern spices and fare and pick up some top grade meat. I don’t drive and it’s great to be able to hop off the bus and pick up ingredients for simple , or lavish, meals within walking distance of my house. Also, don’t forget Aria Market, across the street and a block up from the farmers market. There you can purchase many European and Russian goodies. Try their yummy Bosnian savory pies. They sell smoked veal ribs which are great for flavoring soups and beans and cabbages. Go, I command you to shop on Webster, now!

    Comment by Michelle — June 2, 2014 @ 6:54 pm

  3. So if you read the complete 11 page report on the Alameda site, the city has done a good job replacing the closure of auto row in 2008. In the last two years the tax receipts are above the 10 year trend line which a positive sign. It will be interesting to see what tax generation businesses will be coming to Alameda Point as they transition to the new Alameda Point.

    Comment by Mike McMahon (@MikeMcMahonAUSD) — June 2, 2014 @ 7:17 pm

  4. Just guessing but I think a lot of the increase at South Shore can be attributed to Trabocco. They opened last Fall.

    Comment by frank M — June 3, 2014 @ 5:29 am

  5. 4: What is Trabocco? (Never noticed it. I guess I haven’t shopped there…)

    Target opened up just before the big debit card identity theft story broke, so our “local” Target got off on the foot in which it shot itself, although the self-inflicted wound ( a failure to fund and resource corporate IT and security well enough) was caused far up the corporate chain from the local store. I am certain that sales at the new store suffered as a result.

    Shopping locally is always better: I just found a terrific alternative for stereo repair right here in Alameda. Sheldon Richards at Champlifier (, 510-434-4444) offers better service and–as far as I can tell–much more expertise than anyone else in town.

    Comment by Jon Spangler — June 3, 2014 @ 8:14 am

  6. Marina Village will suffer once they put finish the new Safeway and some other stores. I rarely go to South Shore or Park St. just because it is just to far to drive. Webster Street it would be nice if they had more city parking lots I mostly go to Webster St. just to get my hair cut or to get a breakfast bagel at Levy’s Bagels. I go to Walgreens once in awhile put prefer CVS. We actually have more crap then we need so unless it is grocery’s I don’t shop there. If I am going to buy clothes I go to Gap or Banana Republic. We do need a new vacuum which we will most likely buy at Target or Home Depot. I wish they had put Orchard Supply in South Shore like they wanted to (I truly hate Pagano’s Hardware . We mostly go to Home Depot where the selection is much better. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Lowe’s go in on the Point. They could put it in in one of the old hangers…that they want to keep.

    Comment by Joseph — June 5, 2014 @ 11:49 am

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