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March 26, 2014

Island of NOD

Filed under: Alameda, Alameda Point — Lauren Do @ 6:06 am

Despite the ominous (and silly) arguments proffered by the City of Oakland against the Alameda Point EIR and the rumblings from the Oakland Chinatown Coalition citing eight cars per hour going through the tube I was about 80% sure that the City of Alameda was going to be slapped with a lawsuit against the EIR from either one or both of these entities.

Turns out, Oakland decided that they rather not risk a lawsuit themselves — since Alameda pretty much telegraphed the fact that the City of Alameda would sue if Oakland sued Alameda — for their own EIRs coming down the pipeline.


There is a 30 day provision after the Notice of Determination has been filed that the EIR has been certified that allows any one who wants to to file a lawsuit challenging the validity of the EIR.    Well turns out those 30 days have passed and the City of Alameda can now has an EIR in place.   It took me a while to verify that the 30 days had passed because I couldn’t find the Notice of Determination on the State Clearinghouse website.   But I eventually received a copy (with receipts and all) that show that the NOD had been filed properly like a day after the City Council had voted to certify the EIR, sometime in early February.

So if anyone was banking on Chinatown or the City of Oakland to throw a wrench in the development gears, you’ll be disappointed.   Bring on the development projects, I guess.

As an aside, I noticed on the April 1, 2014 agenda there was a Closed Session item for negotiations listing Charles Company.   Two days ago a revised agenda was sent out and that item was removed.  I wonder what happened.


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