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March 20, 2014

Second verse same as the first

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Seriously I’m not even sure why this  town even bothers with term limits.

Between the Tony Daysog rewind and the pretty obvious signs that Frank Matarrese is going to run for yet another term on the City Council, I mean, what’s the point?   The whole beauty of term limits is so that we get fresh new faces and new ideas on our City Council, but as it stands we are going to get a redux of the same City Council faces when I first moved to this town.   All it’s missing is for Beverly Johnson to signal that she’s back in the mix as well and will be running along side Frank Matarrese.

Now I realize that Frank Matarrese hasn’t actually announced his candidacy, but unless he makes a hobby out of making his opinion known on every single subject in a email blasted Letter to the Editor, I’m going to guess that he’s definitely running for something.  Probably not Mayor because it’s really hard to boot a sitting incumbent, but since Lena Tam’s seat is up for grabs and Stewart Chen’s seat is, um, shaky, pure name recognition alone would probably secure him one of the two seats in the City Council race in November.

As an aside, at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, former City Council member Doug deHaan came and essentially said that the City Council that negotiated the initial Mastick swap with the Tidelands property — which the newly approved land swap has now sorted out — was really out to stick it to the School District.   So I went back and checked when that was done and according to Wikipedia the Mastick handover happened in 2000.   If Wikipedia is to be believed then according to my City Council files the City Council was (1) Al De Witt, (2) Beverly Johnson, (3) Barbara Kerr, and (4) Tony Daysog.   I believe Ralph Appezzato was mayor at the time.  So…I guess you can get angry at THAT Council.

Anyway, what should we anticipate Frank Matarrese bringing to this new Council.   Well, he seems to be well placed into the whole “whatever it is, we’re against it” mode that he was in as he exited the Council, which is a shame because that is not the Frank Matarrese that I remember when I first moved here and he was the the whipping boy of the “anti-theater” crowd because of his decidedly firm stance on being very much pro getting the Alameda project done.   Will he be the worst City Council member ever if he’s elected again?  No, but he will bring much old baggage and be playing to a constituency in Alameda that is frequently takes the complete opposite position of whatever the City government is currently working toward.  Yay?



  1. Sorry Lauren , I do prefer Tony Daysong any time , {even with his narcissit view of being the most socialiste outside of Cuba “His own joke “} than having someone elected with a criminal record ,
    Among the peoples which would not get a job around here with a Fraud conviction on his criminal record are all the companies which can aford to run a background check , Safeway , Target “they now know the cost” the City of alameda at any level Fireman / woman , Police Officers , Park and recreation , school district , Sears , Lowe’s , The Home Depot , the Port of Oakland and the list goes on .
    Wether a former retired Judge ” which by the way are all elected , which mean you pay me I go your way ” state that He has paid his due to society and it has , the fact remain that such persson is a liablilty regardless of anyone opinion on the matter , the same goes for sex offenders some of which were caught with Play boy magazine …..if there is a list for them there is a list for all other .
    It is sometimes tempting to go the easy way but you sleep so much better at night ……
    I find it very ironic that you would support such chatracter in politic and question anyone running for office after the term limit expird .
    I have a vivid recollection of that Menber calling name in public the owner of a rental unit who had not raise the rent in close to 20 years for a tenant allegedly unable to work .
    I did work with parolee from St quentin and most State and Federal jail ,for conviction ranging from manslaughter , printing fake money drug and the like ,
    By your standards since they have paid their due to society they should be eligible to run for City Council , and yes I do have some of their contacts .

    Comment by joel Rambaud — March 20, 2014 @ 9:04 am

  2. #1 Joel you sort of rambled on, and I couldn’t follow. I think what you said it was fine to run again.

    Comment by Joe — March 20, 2014 @ 12:03 pm

  3. BTW I liked Frank, if it would be deHann….no way.

    Comment by Joe — March 20, 2014 @ 12:11 pm

  4. I’d like to see John Berry run for mayor, Jeffery Smith for council, Deborah Wright for council.

    Comment by Jack R — March 20, 2014 @ 7:03 pm

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