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February 28, 2014

Have a seat

Filed under: Alameda — Lauren Do @ 6:08 am

A rare public service announcement but something that caught my eye while watching the School Board meeting from Tuesday night.

If you decide that you want to speak at any public meeting in the City Council Chambers, I don’t have a lot of advice for the actual public speaking portion other than: keep it short if possible. If you are going to read something pre-written, you might want to just submit them as written comments. But that’s not the advice, no this is advice is where not to sit while waiting for your turn at the mic. Particularly if you have absolutely no interest in any of the other agenda items and might find yourself slipping in your seat or dozing off or looking bored.


See those three red arrows pointing to the three seats in the second row.  Do not sit there.  Why?  Because we can see you on camera during public comment!  Typically staff sits there so it’s generally not available, but sometimes it might be vacant, do not get lulled by its proximity to the door and take a seat to make a quick exit.  Your better option is anything on the aisle closest to the door.

Unless of course you want to be on camera, then those are your seats.

Also, if you want to avoid being on camera, do not go down the center aisle to exit.

You’re welcome.


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