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February 25, 2014

Ahead of STEAM

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A few things on the School Board agenda tonight.  First the Academy of Alameda charter renewal, staff is recommending that it be renewed.   Ruby Bridges Elementary is losing its principal, Jan Goodman, the current assistant principal Cheryl Wilson is getting the nod as her successor.

As an aside for those that didn’t see the update, but the gates to the play yard at Ruby Bridges was opened on Friday evening:

I walked by a little earlier than 6:00 p.m. on Friday because I dropped off #2 son at his classroom to prepare for the Ruby Bridges talent show (replaying on channel 9 — I think that was what was referenced — and it will be uploaded to the District website).  Both #1 daughter and #2 son were in the talent show this year and it was a lot of fun, if a wee on the longish side.   This weekend lots of people were taking advantage of the open gates and there was plenty of use to be had to a big THANKS to the School District, Rec and Park Department, and Ruby Bridges for getting it done.

Also on the agenda is an update about Wood Middle School’s new STEAM program.  It looks very promising and very exciting.  For those who are interested in the numbers, there are no updated numbers as to projected enrollment so that’s not there for those keeping tabs for the whole ACLC moving discussion.

It looks like Wood Middle School’s team has worked hard to get some grant funding for professional development through the Alameda County Office of Education and I did see reference to the conversion of one of the classrooms into a tinkering/makers space which should be really exciting and excellent hands on experience in a dedicated space.

Finally, there is an update on the loan/property transfer deal between the City of Alameda and AUSD with regard to the whole pool renovation.   Apparently when it comes to land transfers things get a bit tricky and negotiations tend to take forever.   So here is the nutshell version from the staff report cover sheet:

1) The City transfers $750,000 to the District for pool repairs and AUSD rescinds its deed to the Tidelands property, returning title to the City.

2) The City conveys the 20-acre parcel at Alameda Point to the Housing Authority and AUSD releases the City from the obligation to the 12-acre parcel at Alameda Point.

3) The District transfers the title of the old Island High School site in exchange for $1.2m and the 20-acre parcel at Alameda Point.

Upon approval of the agreement by all parties, the District will receive $1.95m in cash ($1.9m for pool repairs and $50,000 for legal fees), the City will regain the Tidelands parcel and the Housing Authority will receive the deed to the old Island High School site.

Of course everyone knows where the old Island High School parcel is, right?  Just so you can see it mapped here are the general areas where the land will be swapped:



The 20 acre parcel looks to be smack dab in the historic reuse district.  The 12 acre parcel appears to be around the area that the City had initially intended for a campus user space.  This deal will move forward with a vote by the three bodies in March.


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