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February 21, 2014

Tell the guards to open up the gates!

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For those of you that have children that are  fans of the movie Frozen (or are Frozen fans yourself) you’re welcome.   Try getting that song out of your head for the next hour or two.

So as I posted last week, despite promises that the fence of Ruby Bridges would only keep the bad guys out but still be accessible as the public space that it is on weekends and after children are no longer present on weekdays the four day weekend for those of us with students in the AUSD system found the gates sadly locked.

The funny thing is I was 90% sure that the gates would be unlocked since the Director of Alameda Rec and Parks said that she had contacted the school district to make sure the gates were unlocked.

Here’s what I found on Saturday at around noon. Since I can’t imagine that someone would have locked up on Friday night, it meant that the gates had been locked all of Friday as well.

2014-02-15 12.41.03
2014-02-15 12.39.46
2014-02-15 12.40.18

I circled around the whole of the fence trying to see if at least one of the gates was unlocked.  Alas, they were not.   Ideally they should all be unlocked and the doors open indicating that the yard is available to the public, but at that point I would have been okay with one gate being open.

It’s getting to the point that it doesn’t even matter if they unlock the gates because it’s created this assumption that the yard is now off limits because even if they start unlocking the gates but they don’t keep it unlocked on a regular basis, families trying to use the playground won’t even bother to check anymore because the availability will be so sporadic.



  1. Lauren, we all know that city and AUSD staff look at these blogs every day if they can. So why can’t you guys get the gates opened, its just not that hard to do.

    Comment by John P. — February 21, 2014 @ 7:50 am

  2. Have you had a discussion with the principal about this? What does s/he say? It’s his/her families that aren’t being served.

    Comment by Not A Alamedan — February 21, 2014 @ 8:33 am

  3. I contacted the District Office first, who said that the responsibility was with the School Site. I contacted the Principal who said that Rec and Park was given keys and it was her understanding that it was Rec and Park’s deal. I contacted Rec and Park who then said that the agreement was that the District would make sure that staff (unsure if site staff or District staff) would have the gates opened.

    Essentially I started reaching out to people about mid-January and this is where we are. Personally I think it’s a case of mis-communication on all levels as to whose responsibility this lies with but I’m just hoping it gets sorted out sooner rather than later.

    Comment by Lauren Do — February 21, 2014 @ 8:43 am

  4. Last resort, Jack. Or if I find them locked during summer break.

    Comment by Lauren Do — February 21, 2014 @ 9:37 am

  5. Jack R, thanks for being snarky first, while I was on my morning walk I thought that if the Glaciers moved as slow as city government we wouldn’t have to worry about global warming.

    Comment by John P. — February 21, 2014 @ 9:44 am

  6. Rec and Park does a good job of locking and unlocking longfellow park, you would think it wouldn’t be too hard to add on another location. We should take advantage of the performance measure meetings and demand that the # of days residents are locked out of a park be added as a performance measure (I am saying performance measure over and over so that Asst. City Manager Alex Nguyen, who is in charge of the performance measure project will take notice)

    Comment by notadave — February 21, 2014 @ 11:38 am

  7. Maybe the School District or Rec&Park would give a set of keys to your homeowners’ association.

    Comment by Tom Schweich — February 21, 2014 @ 12:31 pm

  8. @8 and take away a chance of overtime for a union worker!!!

    Comment by Frank — February 21, 2014 @ 6:34 pm

  9. Just wanted to update folks with this tweet from AUSD:

    Comment by Lauren Do — February 22, 2014 @ 7:03 am

  10. Thank you city staff or AUSD, you are definatly faster than a Glacier.

    Comment by John P. — February 24, 2014 @ 2:46 pm

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