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January 30, 2014

Choice of a new generation

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Tuesday night’s School Board meeting was an interesting one, mainly because a lot of the agenda items that have provided platforms for some Board Members to speechify and attempt to grow her base by stirring up divisiveness in the past turned out to be ones where the public either were happy with the work the School District had done or that the leadership had told their community to simply allow the process to work itself out.

The two issues were, of course, the Wood Middle School restructuring and the ACLC Prop 39 facilities offer.  The Wood Middle School community brought out their supporters en masse to say “support our program by giving us the space to make it really work!”  And ACLC’s leadership asked their community to stay at home and allow the Prop 39 long term lease negotiations happen between staff instead of making it some big public to-do.

One thing that happened during this discussion — and a discussion about the Academy of Alameda’s charter renewal — was a reflection by Board Member Mike McMahon that there is a lot of choice that exists right now in the middle school range in Alameda.  That with the creation of all this choice, the schools serving the 6th – 8th grade students are really battling for the same 750 (ish) students and that a better idea would be to try to style Alameda in Pleasanton’s model where their needs grow for those grades because people move to Pleasanton as their second home meaning that their kids are older.

But I know that in addition to having a lower number of kids in general, I think there is a perception that Alameda Unified — charters and all — offerings for Middle School are not as strong as they could be.  Perhaps this is the case or maybe it is just perception, but anecdotally I know that we can all point to a few families that feel comfortable with elementary school offerings but choose to send the kids else where for those Middle School years.   Perhaps what Alameda Unified needs to do is to host an open house for all Middle School offerings in Alameda can present at so that parents and kids can know what is out there and what learning style works best for them.  During the Academy of Alameda presentation, there was a mention that it was difficult for AoA to get kids from the closest elementary school (Ruby Bridges) to even visit for a tour, so maybe a huge roundup like the ones for college recruitment or summer camp would be helpful so that Alameda students understand what their options are.   Because Mike McMahon is absolutely right, there are a lot of options, and given that only three of the schools are attendance zone limited, there are choices.

So here are the 6th – 8th grade schools that are limited by attendance zone:

  1. Lincoln
  2. Wood (however because Wood is in PI, students can opt to be diverted to other schools not in PI, so Lincoln, but that’s over enrolled, and I guess Bay Farm)
  3. Bay Farm (This one I’m a bit unclear as because I believe the 6th-8th program is a magnet which technically shouldn’t be attendance zone limited)

Here are the charters, no attendance zone limitation:

  1. Academy of Alameda
  2. Nea
  3. ACLC

Here is the magnet:

  1. Junior Jets at Encinal

And let’s not forget that there are still the private schools in Alameda with the 6th-8th grade offerings as well too.

I think that if AUSD can help end the perception that the middle school choices in Alameda are some how not the right “fit” for students who were perfectly well served in elementary school there would be more than enough students to make all of these programs successful instead of battling over a limited number of kids.


  1. Wood (“however because Wood is in PI….” question: what does “PI” stand for? thank you!

    Comment by Joe — January 31, 2014 @ 9:31 am

  2. PI=. Program improvement (low test scores over a long period of time results in double secret probation)

    Comment by commonsense — February 1, 2014 @ 6:15 pm

  3. Comment by Triple Secret Reality — February 1, 2014 @ 8:25 pm

  4. Hey John. I posted this or another TED about the “Hole in the Wall” experiment a few months ago. Pretty brilliant. I like the part about the lizard brain where they say that examinations ( i.e. testing) = threat, which in turn shuts down learning. I’ve got the link for Mitra’s tool kit here.
    Looking forward to your next post when you start implementation. As the little Himalayan girl said to Mitra at the end “Get on with it”.

    Comment by MI — February 3, 2014 @ 8:36 am

  5. Mi I started by Asking Mike McMahon to start spending some money on the students directly and not just on raises for everyone as they have sucked out most of the money directly spent on students …..Watch School Board meeting a few weeks ago and see how he addressed raises and how it was spent on the kids…..and now it will just be rubber stamped …..Warning Buzzkill on meeting……The Kids got zip …..But was amazing were the Students that spoke up about their Experience and Love for ACLC…..Very Cool…

    Comment by Get on with it — February 3, 2014 @ 9:33 pm

  6. What is that saying……How you do Anything is how you do Everything….Were not very good at spending the money directly on the kids but taking care of the Bureaucrats.

    Sugata Mitra: If the World Belongs to Our Children Then Why Don’t we give it to them

    Comment by Get on with it — February 3, 2014 @ 9:52 pm

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