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November 13, 2013

Thrown for a North Loop

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The easiest part of Ron Cowan’s bid to build housing at the current site of the Harbor Bay Club is before the the Planning Board tonight and that is the rezoning of the North Loop parcel from open space to some type of commercial.   It would be difficult — given the arguments that have been lobbed against various projects put forward including the new-HBC and the old plan to put a sport complex of sorts during the Mif swap era — to say that it should still remain open space.   So I imagine that this one should be approved without much fanfare.

All right, I totally mucked this one up.  I had assumed that anything submitted by Ron Cowan would naturally be a part of the new HBC swap-y thing.  Turns out, this is another parcel that Ron Cowan wants to convert from Open Space to Commercial.   I guess he’s on quite the development kick these days or just wants to be able to sell the land.  This one should actually get some push back from the Planning Board because it must have been zoned open space for a reason (aka because there should be a specific development there: restaurant).   I don’t know if the rationale of “peeps want to buy it if we can rezone it” is a good enough reason.    But anyway, sorry about the earlier mistake!

Oh, since I’m on the topic, the last Planning Board meeting went pretty well even though the EIR scoping for the Harbor Bay Club homes was on the agenda.  The opponents of the new Ron Cowan developments took a page out of the Alameda Architectural Preservation Society book and put their best foot forward and let the overly emotional speakers stay in the audience.   Although there were a few notable exceptions including the speaker who suggested that putting the Harbor Bay Club at the North Loop site was a bad idea because there are a bunch of creepy people that work at the business parks over there and the women and children that might use the facility could be in grave danger.   It’s probably all the VF Outdoor rock climbing hippies he’s referring to.   We all know how much of a danger they are amirite?  I hope someone also warned the the students and parents at the Preschool down the street and Chinese Christian Schools.   Because if the area is too dangerous for potential Harbor Bay Club members clearly it’s too dangerous for those long term tenants as well.

Anyway, so that’s on the agenda tonight along with some Alameda Point stuff including the draft Master Infrastructure Plan and the draft Zoning Amendment things.   Personally I’m finding it really hard to get overly excited about anything at Alameda Point these days.  Maybe it’s the lack of renderings or maybe it’s fatigue from the whole previous false starts (I can only imagine how people who have been tracking Alameda Point a lot longer than I have feel about all this).   Or maybe it’s because all these documents put forward by the City seem like the same old same old.    I mean half of the “subdistricts” have practically the exact same usage which could be a good thing or a bad thing, but just lends the whole thing to “meh.”   I guess I’ll become more invested in the process against when the City staff decides to reveal to us what innovative and exciting project the developer of choice has decided to gift Alameda Point with.  Because right now it’s all just fairly academic, I’ll just leave it to the super informed people on the Planning Board to pick their way through it.

Oh, the Zoning Administrator approved the use permit for the brewery on Park Street, in case you were wondering.



  1. The North Loop Road property has been pushed as a restaurant site for years but without success–not enough potential customers. The “open space” zoning was–apparently–an attempt to make sure it did not just become another office building, but the market has spoken–there is insufficient demand for any “real” (destination) restaurant to locate in such a remote location but the revised plans include a smaller snack bar,deli, or similar small food outlet. (This is all in the staff report.)

    Comment by Jon Spangler — November 13, 2013 @ 9:15 am

  2. that’s just kind of funny that people think the HBC will be too close to a school. it’s RIGHT NEXT to earhart riight now haha

    Comment by E — November 13, 2013 @ 2:37 pm

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