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June 11, 2013

Enroll call

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Tonight the City Council agenda is kinda meh, it’s the budget again because something was wonky with the construction project list. The interesting stuff is all going on at the School Board.   But first, one thing that is notable is that the City finally decided to make the complete spreadsheet of the budget available for those that were interested in the nitty gritty numbers to crunch.   It was kind of silly for staff to initially withhold the document.   I’m glad someone came to their senses at the City and decided that there is absolutely no reason to not allow people to see the actual numbers.

The full budget-y goodness can be found here.  But back to the School Board.

First up there’s a whole agenda item about the Wood Middle School and its program improvement status and enrollment. I guess there is a need for this agenda item because there have been suggestions that District Staff have been calling families to urge them to go to the Junior Jets program at Encinal. Staff contends that they have been calling families who indicated that they were both attending Wood AND multiple other schools, so they were simply trying to figure out where those students were actually going to.    Which is what the School District should do.   However, the one valid beef that Wood supporters do have is the fact that the District moved ACLC to the Wood campus, citing the additional space there, but have been informing inter District students (that means kids not from Alameda) that Wood is now impacted with resident students (that means kids from Alameda) and they have the option of enrolling in the Junior Jets program or going to Bay Farm for 7th grade only.   But that number of students is probably pretty small, plus folks generally aren’t too sympathetic about students from outside Alameda attending Alameda schools.

Regardless, it appears that Wood is going into year 3 of Program Improvement.   If Wood doesn’t makes Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) again next year they will be in PI year 4 which require a plan for restructuring or new governance.   Essentially what happened with Chipman Middle School.

District Staff will be recommending to the Board to go ahead and purchase the Mariner Square building.   I guess the difference between renting the building and ownership is $3.4 million.

Also, remember how the Superintendent has in her contract a performance pay plan.   Just to refresh your memory essentially she gets $5000 per “goal” that is achieved during the year.    This last year’s goals were:

  • Increase attendance by increasing percentage of students with 96% attendance by 3% as measured in June 2013.
  • Increase District wide API by 9 points or more over 2011-2012 API school year (results available August 2012).
  • Increase total percentage of students enrolled in at least one AP course by 2% as measured in September of 2012 enrollment.

Personally these are sort of really lame performance goals.   I mean.  Really.   But, evidently, not achieved this year.   The only one that was achieved was the lamest of the enrollment in one AP course.  It’s not that hard to get kids to enroll,  the question is, how successful were they in the class.   And honestly, I’m not sure how this measures the performance of the Superintendent.   I hope next year, the goals actually reflect something that the Superintendent needs to work on.


  1. The Board decided not to move forward with purchase of 2060 Challenger. Instead, the Board directed staff to prepare a community engagement process to determine if there is support for placing a bond on the November, 2014 ballot for restoration of Historic Alameda High School to Field Act standards, upgrades to Kofman auditorium, replacement of the two high school swimming pools and facility additions/improvements for Encinal High School. The video from the discussions should be posted to the District website next week.

    Comment by Mike McMahon (@MikeMcMahonAUSD) — June 12, 2013 @ 7:43 am

  2. I will likely be unsupportive of a bond that prioritizes preserving HAHS for historic preservation purposes over much needed improvements to Middle and Elementary schools for educating our kids purposes. The district (and the board) will need to have a plan for how prioritizing these projects supports the overall infrastructure needs of all the schools. The list above seems big on incidentals, low on priorities. (Measure C anyone?)

    I can likely support the above list, if it includes all the other needs for the next 20 years as well.

    Hopefully, the district can now start working on the infrastructure plan so that we can identify what’s needed and prioritize what should actually be on the ballot in 2014, instead of picking pet projects and prioritizing them before we have the information. We have over a year to get it done, so there’s really no excuse no to.

    Comment by jkw — June 12, 2013 @ 12:04 pm

  3. 2 scents
    The highest priority component of the AUSD infrastructure plan has little to do historic preservation or the District physical structures. The highest priority is to structure Measure C so that it will appeal to both the preservationists and education realists.

    The wrong approach, which will appeal pockets of special interest voters, is to campaign on swimming pools and auditorium upgrades. Focusing on HAHS preservation will get those voters on the shady side of sixty (who seem to have an almost mystic love for the dinosaur and will not vote yes on anything education that doesn’t include restoration). The other voters, like jkw says, are the realists and they want better educated kids using kid education focused facilities. They expect tangible efforts made utilizing known effective methods.

    Alameda voters feel they have been hoodwinked by AUSD promises made but not kept before so there’s no reason to believe it can’t happen again. Just focus on the two pronged approach. Once the Measure is passed AUSD will finagle a way to do what they want anyway.

    Comment by Jack Richard — June 12, 2013 @ 2:10 pm

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