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June 18, 2012

Partner let me update you

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A few development-y updates around the island. Lots going on.

First, Habanas which struggled to get their design for an open storefront approved by the Historic Advisory Board has been moving forward with their plans.   You probably might have noticed that the storefront has been boarded up for the past few weeks.  The boarded cover came down last week and the stacking doors are up.   Can’t wait to see the final product.  A good ending for a persistent property owner.

Also, I posted this on Twitter last month:

But don’t think I ever got around to posting it here.   I have to hat tip this one to the husband since he actually told me about it a week before I posted it on Twitter because I was trying to get verification from the Planning Department before I posted anything about it.  Our kids swim at AquaTech — great little program — trust me, those folks need the extra space.   Trying to book a time for your kidlings to get classes sometimes is  bit of a struggle.

Later AquaTech swim posted on their Twitter feed:

If you visit the website, they have periodic updates about the status of the construction.   The big thing is that they have moved that huge train car that used to behind the building.  As of last week they have done a whole lot of demo at the site making room for additional parking spaces.

If you haven’t been to South Shore lately, the last few weeks of Off the Grid have been a huge success.  We haven’t made it out there yet, but will probably get out when the lines start to diminish a bit.   I hope South Shore mall itself has seen an increase in business due to the crowds from Off the Grid.   The popularity of the Alameda Off the Grid is amazing.   To check the rotations of trucks for the upcoming Saturday, you can check the events page on Facebook.

No real construction-y on Alameda Landing, although I did notice a huge wooden pole recently on the Alameda Landing property with an orange flag atop.  I wasn’t sure if it had always been there and I just noticed it or if it has always been there.  Also on Monday of last week Catellus put up one of those signs that tell you that Target and Alameda Landing is coming in Fall of 2013.   I’ll have bit more fleshed out Alameda Landing update tomorrow.

Hometown Plaza, which is the small shopping center at the corner of Appezzato and Main right at the entrance to Alameda Point has had a tough time filing the non-donut shop storefronts.   Rio California left a while ago and has been replaced by Taqueria Viva Mexico — the same outfit that has the storefront next to the Alameda Theater off Park Street — last time I went it, they said that business was slow.   It really is impossible to do business there.   What a shame.   A small Tae Kwon Do studio is occupying the space between Viva Mexico and Hometown Donuts which manages to survive year after year.   And speaking of martial arts I tweeted this a few weeks ago as well:

That was formerly the home of Karousel Boutique which always appeared closed which is probably why it couldn’t stay in business.   The studio is going to specialize in small Kung Fu classes but mostly concentrate on Tai Chi classes.

Last, but not least, Alameda South Shore continues on the wave of awesomeness, by officially leasing out the old Borders building to two tenants.   On Friday, South Shore announced that ULTA Beauty will be taking over the ground floor of the old Borders and Total Woman Gym & Day Spa will take over the top floor.

Here is the proposed rendering:

I wrote about the ladies fitness club and health spa in February and Total Woman Gym & Spa was one the models I cited as a possibility.    This may take some business away from the 24 hour fitness lite, but largely this is probably going after a different demographic.

On the other hand, ULTA is a pretty big beauty supply franchise.   While it’s good that South Shore found someone to anchor that space, I can’t imagine that Alameda Beauty Center is all that pleased since ULTA will be practically a direct competitor.   We’ll see if South Shore is big enough for two beauty supply stores.   I’ll also just point out that one commenter called the ULTA tenant way back in February as well.

ULTA is scheduled to open sometime in 2013 and Total Woman Gym & Spa is looking at a December 2012 opening.


  1. So who was this smarty pants “BMac” who had to break into John’s and my twosome dance with facts?

    Comment by Jack Richard — June 18, 2012 @ 9:36 am

  2. Jack

    Facts sometimes tend to slowdown or break up Crap games.

    I missed BMac…..something go poof in Dooooooo Land?

    Comment by John — June 18, 2012 @ 9:10 pm

  3. Direct competition to Massage Envy as well. Too bad they are going in almost on top of what is already there. Maybe the smaller businesses could survive if the newbies were at the other end of the mall.

    Comment by Li_ — June 18, 2012 @ 10:57 pm

  4. BMac’s an insider, probably one of the pseudonyms via hostess.

    Comment by Jack Richard — June 19, 2012 @ 9:25 am

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