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December 8, 2009

Guess who’s coming to the school board meeting

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As posted by Mike McMahon yesterday, there are lots and lots of comments that have been sent in to the School Board regarding the Caring Schools Curriculum scheduled to be heard at tonight’s School Board meeting.

Oh, and as an aside, there may be an update about the Academy of Alameda charter application, set for a vote by the School Board at a special meeting next Tuesday the 15th.    What will definitely happen tonight is a review of charter application requirements and the only ways that the School Board can deny a charter application.   It’s really just a refresher for the School Board members who have reviewed charter applications in the past, but also an educational item for the newer school board members who may not be familiar with charter school law.

Back to the main event though…so here is what the Superintendent has decided to recommend that the School Board adopt moving forward with regard to the anti-bullying curriculum.

Essentially until the end of the this school year it will be business as usual, that means that Lesson 9, as designed, will continue to be taught without opt-outs.    And given the recent ruling by the court about the whole opt-out business, personally, as long as the new curriculum stays close to the Lesson 9 type curriculum it would be a big waste of time to try to revisit the issue of opt-outs.

Moving forward to 2010-2011, the Superintendent has recommended  that the Caring Schools framework be used for grades K-2 and a new program Steps to Respect be used for grades 3 – 5.   She also is recommending adopting Links to Literature, and at the February or March meeting to adopt a set of literature books for all grades to be used to mirror the protected classes.

So that means that, if the School Board approves, they will start accepting recommendations from the community about possible books to use but the final list would be developed by teachers and up the School Board for final approval.

What I am anxiously looking forward to is which Trish Herrera Spencer will be appearing for this particular School Board meeting.   Will it be the Trish Spencer from early August that wanted to suspend teaching of all anti-bullying materials until such time as a curriculum is developed that “goes to reducing bullying against all of our students and enumerating the six protected classes: religion, gender, LGBT, disability, race, ethnicity, and…um…uh…I’m not sure if I left one out…disability, and also disability. ”   Or will it be the Trish Spencer from the last School Board meeting who believed that a generic, off-the-rack anti-bullying curriculum would be the best bet for addressing all the protected classes.    My guess is that we’ll see a continuation of last meeting’s Trish Spencer, but then again maybe we’ll see an entirely different iteration of Trish Spencer with a completely different take on the curriculum.

And…the icing on this deliciously complicated cake was the revealing of the names of the folks who sat on the community advisory committee (how they were selected, I have no idea) but one of the members was the culprit behind the “WASP parents and Jewess moms” commentary, which was later retracted.    Seriously though, given the diversity of opinions on that committee, I’m surprised they were ever able to come to a consensus on anything.


  1. Dedicated to Trish from you Do know who:

    Comment by Jack Richard — December 8, 2009 @ 8:56 am

  2. Very good Jack 🙂

    Comment by Gary — December 8, 2009 @ 12:32 pm

  3. Which Trish Spencer will show up next week to vote on the charter application. The one who, when not on the Board, argued forcefully for charters – or, the one who appears poised to vote against this one (based on the fact that the Academy plans to ask families to volunteer for 20 hours).

    Comment by Interested observer — December 8, 2009 @ 9:54 pm

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