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November 17, 2008

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On Tuesday, the City Council appears the be in for the long haul once again.   Between discussion about the sale of the &T, the staff recommends that the Council approve the sale by the way, and other discussion items it will be a jam packed night.  While it is unclear how much the total loss of &T will be after all is said and done, perhaps either Kevin Kennedy or Kevin Kearney can help elucidate and break down all the losses, I think we all know that it is substantial and we should be relieved that someone wanted to buy the system.  

So in addition to the &T stuff, the Council will be putting out a call for bids for the realignment of Stargell (Tinker Avenue) now that all of the property right of ways have been worked out.   One note in the report that folks should probably be aware of is that part of this realignment 60 trees will be removed, but the staff report says that they will be replaced as part of phase two of the development.   For those wondering, the alignment is supposed to be paid for with State Transportation Improvment Project (STIP) funds and Catellus.

Also the Council will be meeting as the ARRA to continue discussing the Alameda Point development concept plan — they took comments at the last meeting but decided to adjourn to finish up the joint Public Utilities Commission meeting.   At first it seemed sort of rude, but considering what has happened in the aftermath of that, it’s entirely understandable why this dicussion was put on the back burner.  

One interesting other part of the ARRA agendsa is the lease renewal with Makani Power which is supposed to give the City about $243K in lease revenue, however because the building is in such bad shape Makani has requested and received $150K for “shell improvements” in order to keep water out, etc…   So even though we can get folks to lease out there it comes at considerable cost as well.  Makani is also asking to lease out a portion of Hangar 12, which, according to the staff report is the last hangar out at Alameda Point that is not currently under lease.   Which means that if Alameda wanted to do the filming thing, there will no longer be space to do so because the the lease to Makani.   Personally, long term lease is probably going to be better in the long run for Alameda rather than trying to deal with the fickle nature of filming, but also according to the staff report there have been no requests for filming since 2005 when a portion of the Pursuit of Happyness was filmed there.


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  1. One wonders if there was any thought to transplanting the (60) affected trees rather than simply chopping them down …

    Comment by alameda — November 17, 2008 @ 7:24 am

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