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December 12, 2006

Fun with numbers

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I have just finished entering in all the numbers from the election results, which can be found here and I have published them in a spreadsheet format on Google Spreadsheet for your viewing pleasure.  In fact, you can probably steal all my work and put it in your own Google or Excel spreadsheet so that you can sort to your heart’s content.  The most interesting sheet by far is the Subtotal Percentage by Precinct.

Here are some interesting factoids:

  • Doug deHaan did not win any precincts but had the best showing in precinct 303400, which I am pretty sure is his own neighborhood (I am basing this using Pat Bail’s home address and the common knowledge that they are neighbors).
  • Neither Pat Bail nor Doug deHaan won in their own neighborhood (based on precinct)
  • Eugenie Thomas did not win in her own neighborhood either (based on precinct — found using publically available home address and searching for precinct using
  • Pat Bail won the second seat in 5 precincts over Frank Matarrese, and those are: 302400 (PB: 118 FM: 94), 302300 (PB: 95 FM: 94), 302700 (PB: 20% FM: 18%), 301520 (PB: 20% FM: 19%), 300400 (PB: 18% FM: 15%).  To check out where these precincts map, visit the Alameda County Registrar of Voters, it’s sort of hard to tell, but you can get an approximate location.
  • Best percentage of voter turnout: precinct 303400 at 78.78% (655 registered voters, 516 votes cast) aka Pat Bail and Doug deHaan’s neighborhood. 
  • Worst percentage of voter turnout: precinct 305100 at 48.86% (1007 registered voters, 492 votes cast) aka Bayport area and surrounding neighborhoods.  Badly done Bayport neighbors!
  • Kenneth Kahn had his best showing — 14% — in precinct 304900, appears to be somewhere on the West End
  • The Slate had their worst showing in precinct 300150 (somewhere on Bay Farm) where Doug deHaan registered only 16% of the vote to Beverly Johnson’s 81%.  Pat Bail got 8% and Eugenie Thomson 9% to Frank Matarrese’s 34% and Lena Tam’s 36%.

I am taking requests for various sorts of the data.  Or you can just copy the numbers and republish it in your own google spreadsheet, make sure you share your findings!

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  1. I’m still pushing various ranked choice voting systems for Alameda, including Instant Voter Runoff for single seat elections like the mayor and single transferable votes for the two seat council races. I leant a 13 minute DVD of a power point presentation of these methods to somebody (Lauren, cough, cough) for review, but haven’t heard anything.

    Comment by Mark — December 13, 2006 @ 4:02 pm

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